LIAR-IN-CHIEF: Watch Biden Outright Lie About Attending Black Church While Giving Sermon – He’s Done This Before

During a Sunday speech at Martin Luther King Jr.’s Atlanta church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, President Joe Biden made a point to emphasize the fact that he attended “the black church” during his high school and college years.

There’s one small problem with the president’s story: members of the church he claims to have gone to don’t remember him.

According to PBS, Biden was invited to speak as part of a celebration of King’s legacy ahead of his birthday Monday.

“I used to go to 7:30 mass every morning in high school and then in college before I went to the black church. Not a joke,” Biden said.The president has made similar claims in the past, including during a 2019 speech for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition, The Washington Free Beacon reported.“I got raised in the black church,” Biden said.“We would go sit in Rev. Herring’s church, sit there before we’d go out, and try to change things when I was a kid in college and in high school.”


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