LGBTQNATO: Send Arms to Ukraine to ‘Make Pride in Mariupol Possible’

Protesters at an LGBTQ event in Berlin have demanded that Ukraine is armed in order to allow the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol to host a Pride parade.

Pro-LGBTQIA2S demonstrators at a Pride event in Berlin have demanded that weapons are sent to Ukraine in order to enable the country’s rulers to liberate the port city of Mariupol and host a Pride Parade there.

The Berlin-based event, which took place on Saturday, was one of many Christopher Street Day demonstrations across Europe, with the pan-European celebration occurring annually in memory of the Stonewall Riots.

According to a report by broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, police said around 350,000 individuals took part in the protest, which this year reportedly centred around a “strong signal for diversity, freedom and respect and against hate, war and discrimination”.

However, for at least some protesters at the event in the German capital, sending a “strong signal” against war included demanding Ukraine be sent more weapons.


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