Leftists Rage over President Trump’s Church Walk: Trump Is a ‘Fascist’


Prominent leftists on Monday raged over President Trump’s walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church after authorities cleared out protesters in the area around Lafayette Park, accusing the president of having demonstrators “viciously attacked” for a “photo op” and deeming him a “fascist.” The president concluded his Rose Garden address by announcing his intention to “pay my respects to a very, very special place.” From there, Trump departed, walking to the historic church that rioters targeted on Sunday night. Authorities cleared out protesters ahead of Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 7:00 p.m. curfew and Trump’s walk to the church. Philip Wegmann, White House Correspondent for RealClearPolitics, indicated that protesters were “warned 3 times over loud speaker by park service and police to clear the area,” citing a source with “direct knowledge” of the events. Nonetheless, enraged progressives took to social media to express outrage over both the president’s speech — vowing to assume command in the event that governors fail to subdue violent rioters — and his subsequent action, holding up a Bible in front of the historic church alongside members of his staff.


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