Leftist Mob Attacks TPUSA Event at University of New Mexico Featuring Tomi Lahren

A mob of leftist students attacked a Turning Point USA campus event featuring Tomi Lahren at the University of New Mexico on Thursday, resulting in the state police being called to the scene. Lahren criticized the university for not caring about the danger she and her audience were placed in by the mob. “Never mind me, you do have your tuition-paying students that were in that room to listen to a speaker, and they were in danger. We were all in danger,” she said in a video filmed after the event.

The woke mob of protesters can be heard chanting “Shut it down” and “Fuck Turning Point” in a video that showed them trying to push their way into the event venue, while campus police officers tried to keep them out.

Watch Below:

Inside the venue, another officer held the doors closed, according to a report by KRQE News. Later, New Mexico State Police were called to the scene, and event organizers ended the speech early due to safety concerns.

“It turned violent,” Lahren explained in a video after the incident. “They started pushing the officers that were guarding the door, trying to bust in the door.”


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