Leftist ASU Groups Voice Support for Forcing White Students Out of ‘Multicultural Center’


Several student groups at Arizona State University reacted to a viral video that shows two white students studying in the school’s “multicultural center” being harassed over a laptop sticker, which read, “Police Lives Matter,” claiming the white students displayed imagery of “white supremacy” and “white nationalism.” The students were eventually forced out of the university space. One student group even called for the “expulsion of the two white male students.” A student group called MECHA de ASU claimed the two white students in the viral video had “provoked” the female students by displaying what they called “their white nationalist symbols and slogans” — referring to the laptop sticker, which read, “Police Lives Matter.” “A space that is meant to uplift and center black, indigenous, and people of color was transformed into a white nationalist soapbox,” the student group insisted. MECHA de ASU then complained about the video later being picked up “by large right wing social media accounts,” and claimed it resulted in “the harassment and doxxing of many ASU students.” “Institutions like ASU have again and again promised to keep BIPOC students safe from these racist, fascist attacks and they have again and again failed,” the student group said, adding that the school has even “gone as far as protecting these white nationalists.” The group then called on the university to “defund ASU police,” as well as the “expulsion of the two white male students,” a “ban of police lives matter stickers,” and to allow the multicultural center “the power to remove any students from the space as they see fit.”

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