Left-Wing Salon: Biden Was ‘Biggest Negative’ for Democrats in Midterms, Would Be ‘Disaster’ in 2024

The time has come to “move on” from President Joe Biden, according to a recent Salon piece that argues the president served as a “drag” on Democrats during last week’s midterm election and that Democrats won in the midterm elections “despite Biden, not because of him,” adding that a 2024 presidential run by Biden would be a complete “disaster.”

The Saturday essay — titled “Biden was a drag on the Democrats in the midterms: He’d be a disaster in 2024” — was penned by frequent Salon contributor Norman Solomon, who founded the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA), which is reportedly funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

“Momentary good feelings are understandable, but Biden was the biggest negative for Democrats. It’s time to move on,” the essay’s subheading reads.

The author begins by asserting that “no amount of post-election puffery about Joe Biden can change a key political reality: His approval ratings are far below the public’s general positivity toward the Democratic Party.”

“Overall, Democrats who won in the midterm elections did so despite Biden, not because of him,” Solomon writes.


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