Left-Wing Salon: Biden Admin. ‘Far More Successful Stifling Free Speech than Trump Ever Was’


A Salon article declared the “honeymoon” between the press and the president “over” as it accused the Biden administration of frequently preventing President Biden from speaking with the press due to fears of what they will ask and how he will respond, while claiming the president was failing due to his “tightly controlled relationship to the media” as he is “walled off by advisers who won’t let him talk.”

The essay, published Thursday, begins with Salon columnist and longtime White House correspondent Brian Karem stating “the mood has changed at the White House.”

Describing the White House press corps as initially “very happy” with its relationship with the 46th president, Karem claims all that has changed.

“He had a very low bar to crawl over to ease tensions with the free press — and his administration did just that,” he wrote. “Now, after nine months, it has become painfully clear the Biden administration will do little more than just that — crawl over a very low bar.”

He then highlighted the need for the press to be able to cover the president.

“The president needs to answer questions before the press. A full press corps needs to be present on a regular basis to see if the president can handle the rigors of his job,” he wrote.

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