Left Slams New York Times over Front Page; ‘Full-on Endorsement of Fascism’; UPDATE: Times Caves


Critics on the left are furious at the New York Times for a banner headline on the front page of its Tuesday edition that declares: “AS CHAOS SPREADS, TRUMP VOWS TO ‘END IT NOW’.”

The original headline, perhaps written to suggest that President Donald Trump had not, in fact, brought nationwide riots under control, offended the left because it suggested that the “protests” that had led to looting and riots across America were indeed “chaotic” and needed to end.

For example, former Democratic Party presidential candidate Julián Castro, who served in President Barack Obama’s cabinet, called the Times‘ headline a “fail” because it failed to describe Trump as a “budding dictator”

Former Obama White House staffers Dan Pfeiffer and Ben Rhodes joined the chorus of condemnation: “This is a terrible headline”

So the NYT changed it …

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