Layoffs Hit Far-Left CNN as Primetime Viewership Collapses to 512K  


CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that denies election results and encourages violence in predominantly black neighborhoods, will be hit with massive layoffs before the end of the year. Per a statement released Wednesday from CNN chief Chris Licht — the left-wing extremist behind Stephen Colbert’s failing late-night show — the fake news outlet is facing “noticeable change. … That, by definition, is unsettling. These changes will not be easy because they will affect people, budgets, and projects.”

Gee, I wonder why that is…?

Even with a hotly contested and consequential national election less than two weeks away, CNN — which is more commonly called “CNNLOL” (which is Greek for “pig fat with lies”) — has been earning humiliating ratings. During the week of October 17, CNNLOL managed to attract an average of only 512,000 total primetime viewers.

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