Laughing Stock – ‘You’re Not Invited’ as China Laughs

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China’s top English-language propagandists mocked President Joe Biden on Tuesday following the announcement that he would allow the U.S. to play in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics but withhold uninvited politicians, comparing the move to charging “an appearance fee to go to public restrooms.”

The Biden administration has branded the move a “diplomatic boycott,” claiming it was “the right move” and sent a “clear” message that America did not approve of China’s long list of ongoing human rights atrocities, most prominently the genocide of the Uyghur ethnic people through the use of mass sterilization campaigns and concentration camps.

Chinese government-run media outlets, their opinion personalities, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry have all repeatedly noted that the diplomats Biden’s officials claim are “boycotting” the event were never invited and play no role in the actual execution of the athletic events scheduled to occur.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and governments around the world have faced growing pressure from human rights groups and the victims of Chinese communism to postpone or relocate the 2022 Winter Olympics and avoid rewarding the Communist Party with an honorable global platform.

The IOC has adamantly refused to acknowledge the concerns, insisting it has no power to keep the Olympics out of the hands of tyrants because “we are not a world government.”

Olympics sponsors have also refused to stop funding the event despite the evidence that their money will go towards eliminating ethnic and religious groups unpalatable to the Chinese Communist Party. Companies like Coca-Cola, AirBnb, Intel, and Visa have retained their status as Olympic “partners” and justified the move claiming they only aim to benefit participating athletes.

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