Latinos in Florida Likely to Vote Heavily Against ‘Socialist’ Sanders

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In the living room of her Miami home, Cuban-American Carmen Pelaez is losing patience with Bernie Sanders.

She wants the progressive Vermont senator to drop out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination before her state, Florida, votes on Tuesday along with three others.

But Sanders, though he has fallen seriously behind former vice president Joe Biden, insists he is not giving up. And so a frustrated Pelaez finds herself shouting at her TV screen.

“Why is he staying in?” the 48-year-old artist demands to know. “For the four votes he’s going to get in Florida?”

Pelaez, a filmmaker, writer and actor, was born in the United States to Cuban parents. The demographic of the parents’ generation — made up of people who fled the repressive communist regime of the Castros in Cuba — traditionally has leaned strongly Republican.

But Pelaez, unlike her family, says she is a “die-hard Democrat” and plans to vote in the primary election for the moderate Biden, who she sees as the ideal candidate to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Sanders often describes himself as a “democratic socialist” — which in the eyes of many American voters, including Pelaez, makes him too radical.

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