Last Jew of Afghanistan heading to New York City

NY Post

Zebulon Simantov, the famed last Jew of Afghanistan, is getting ready to hit the Big Apple. “I like everything in New York. Everything is exciting,” Simantov, 62, told The Post in his first interview since fleeing Afghanistan two weeks ago. “I would like to be a US citizen.” The wily former carpet dealer — and his backers in New York City — are actively trying to secure travel documents for him to come to the US. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been lobbied intensely over the issue. Schumer’s office told The Post they were working on the case. If all goes according to plan, Simantov will stay with relatives in Queens. “I am a businessman, I’ll do business there,” Simantov said. He added that he’s looking forward to a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch ($225-plus per bottle) when he arrives. The Afghan native stuck it out in the war-torn country through decades of turmoil, including the Soviet invasion, The Taliban, the US-backed government, and the return of the Taliban last month. “I sensed something terrible was going to happen to Afghanistan,” Simantov said. “The Taliban is much crueler than ever before. They kill people now like killing small animals.” On Thursday the Taliban announced that executions, hand amputations and other Quran-era punishments would return.

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