‘Last Generation’ Climate Extremists Block Entrances to German Parliament After Police Raids

Far-left climate change activists blocked off two entrances to the German parliament buildings in Berlin on Thursday morning following a series of police raids on the group earlier this week.

Members of the radical Letzte Generation (Last Generation) green activist group staged protests outside the Reichstag building, the home of the Budenstag (German Federal Parliament) on Thursday morning. 

In a post on social media, Last Generation tweeted: “Today we are in politics,” adding: “Directly at the Bundestag, our people are ready and ask the incoming politicians about their plan. Talking without deeds kills us.”

The group went on to say in a statement: “The path that politicians are currently taking will be the last path for civilisation. We are already seeing that the consequences of the climate catastrophe affect us all. The droughts in the summer destroy the harvest and thus the food becomes even more expensive and scarcer. Pumps will not be able to conduct water if everything has dried up and people die of thirst.”

Last Generation spokesman Jakob Beyer added:“Instead of finally taking measures that protect all our lives, politicians relied on the expansion of other fossil fuels. With the liquefied gas terminals in Wilhelmshaven, Germany will not achieve the climate targets. Instead, we are racing at full throttle over the stop sign, which the scientists have been pointing out for decades.”

Police in Berlin said that the demonstrators were cleared after around two hours, and that the “peaceful” demonstrators were set free.


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