LA’s homeless infuriate locals by boasting about hooking up washing machines to street power lines and setting up HUGE 10-man tents on sidewalks

Images and video show homeless in Los Angeles syphoning water and power in camps sprouting throughout the city’s streets – with some of the brazen encampments even boasting working washing machines.

Homelessness is a dominant issue in the state’s upcoming mayoral election, with a large field of candidates promising to do more on an issue that has placed Los Angeles in an unwelcome national spotlight.

Sagging tents, rusting RVs, and makeshift structures have become commonplace along Hollywood Boulevard to Venice Beach – and even in the shadow of City Hall.

Over the past year, the camps have become increasingly bold, putting up full-sized tents and cordoning off entire streets, much to the chagrin of outraged locals.

Now, citizens have snapped evidence that the urban outposts are stealing water and power from the city to maintain a surprisingly lavish lifestyle while living out on the street, taking water from hydrants and electricity from any outlet they come across.


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