LAID TO WASTE: Taliban seizes a THIRD of Afghanistan in blitz offensive after US wastes nearly $1TRILLION in ‘pointless’ 20-year war

The US Sun:

The Taliban have seized control of a THIRD of Afghanistan as they continue to accelerate their blitz offensive while the US continues to withdraw their forces.

The US has wasted nearly $1trillion on the “pointless” 20-year battle trying to stave off the terror group who are fighting to gain ultimate control over the war-torn country.

The Taliban have been on tenterhooks to forge ahead with their scheme since President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of troops back in April and have since continued at “lightning speed”.

Jihadist forces have now advanced across rural areas, putting them in reaching distance of major cities such as Herat and Kabul.

A recent US intelligence report warned they could take the capital, Kabul, within six months.

They have now seized hold in almost twice as much of Afghanistan as they had two months ago – sparking concerns they are planning an explosive offensive this summer.

t would see mark “the greatest jihadist victory since the Soviets quit in 1989,” one observer told the Daily Mail.

It would exceed even the worst-case scenarios US intelligence warned of months ago, prompting President Biden to hold crisis talks with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to determine the country’s future.

The US President’s plans to withdraw all forces by September 11 have been called into question as the Taliban continue to taunt the Western power with “significant pressures”.

Since May, the Taliban have captured 69 of 407 Afghan districts, including some that were considered government strongholds.

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