LA Mayor and Police Chief Record PSA Assuring Illegals They Can Get Away With Breaking American Laws

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In what can only be described as giving the middle finger to the United States of America and law and order, the mayor of Los Angeles and his equally law-breaking police chief recorded a public service announcement letting illegal aliens know they will not be held accountable to U.S. laws while living in .LA. “Regardless of your immigration status, I want every Angeleno to know your city is on your side,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Here in Los Angeles, our police department does not coordinate with ICE or participate in immigration enforcement.” t’s amazing to me that he found a lawman to stand next to him and agree with this anarchist garbage, but indeed he did. The police chief, Michel Moore, weighed in with his thoughts: “Our police force does not do the job of federal law enforcment…we will not enforce immigration laws.”


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