LA is hit by five terrifying ‘follow-home’ robberies in 48 hours, including woman mown down by Dodge for her watch while trying to flee gang, as cops set up 46-person unit to tackle ‘unprecedented’ crimes

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An LA woman was filmed being mown down by a Dodge muscle car so muggers could steal her watch as the city’s terrifying follow-home robberies soar.   

The video from Monday, one of five such robberies that occurred over just 48 hours, shows the unidentified victim fleeing the muggers silver Dodge Challenger after they smashed her car window when she stopped at a light in Downtown LA. 

She tried to run off, the robbers struck her with their car. The thieves then got out and snatched the woman’s watch off the road after she ripped it off her own wrist in a bid to get them to leave her alone. They then snatched the timepiece and fled. 

Police say the victim had been shopping for the watch in the city’s jewelry district, as cops say the so-called follow-home or follow-off robberies are a new phenomenon that have left them horrified. 

Los Angeles has been plagued by roving gangs of ‘follow-home’ bandits targeting upscale districts and mugging shoppers of their expensive jewelry and goods, police say.

Cops have identified at least 17 gangs in the southern part of the city that work independently. They use spotters to scope out people wearing high-end watches or driving expensive cars, Capt. Jonathan Tippet, head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s ‘Follow-home robbery’ task force told the city’s police commission on Tuesday.

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