LA District Attorney George Gascon says suspected cop killer William Flores had ‘no history of violence’

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon said the gunman who shot and killed two El Monte police officers had “no history of violence” as he defended how his office handled a recent weapons case against the cop killer.

Shooter William Flores was out on probation – though he could have been behind bars — following a 2021 plea deal connected to a drugs and weapons arrest when he shot and killed El Monte Corporal Michael Paredes, 42, and officer Joseph Santana, 31 on June 14.

Gascon, during Tuesday afternoon’s press conference, argued Flores’ criminal history “did not contain any evidence of violence,” but instead he was someone who was addicted to drugs.

“The current case he’s arrested for possession of drugs, possession of a gun. He could have, even under my directives, he could have gone to jail. As a matter of fact, had the case been set to trial then it was very possible he could still be waiting for a trial date. He was on bail, he was out on bail,” Gascon said.


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