Kroger, Amazon, and several ‘essential’ retailers are hiring for thousands of positions to meet overwhelming demand in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

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Business Insider:

“Essential” businesses like grocery stores and delivery services are hiring for thousands of open positions to accommodate overwhelming demand during the coronavirus outbreak. The openings come as mass layoffs continue around the country in response to store closures, leaving many workers without income and health insurance.According to the Economic Policy Institute, an estimated three million jobs will be eliminated in the coming months due to the coronavirus. 

As retailers around the nation shut their doors in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, “essential” businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies are seeking support to accommodate overwhelming demand.

Companies including Kroger, Dollar General, and Amazon have listed thousands of job openings for sales associates, distribution workers, and delivery drivers, among others. The jobs — many of which are available immediately and require no background experience — are meant to alleviate overrun stores and warehouses dealing with an influx of orders from panicked Americans stocking up on items like canned goods and toilet paper.  

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