SKY NEWS: The French president Emmanuel Macron has visited Nice after a suspected terror attack in the city left three people dead.

“Ladies and gentlemen, once again our country has been hit by an attack. An Islamic terrorist attack. And once again this morning, there were three of our compatriots that have been killed, in Nice, in the Notre Dame Basilica. It’s very clear that it is France that is under attack. All of us would like to support the Catholics in France and else where. The assassination of the priest in 2016 … once again it is the Catholics that are being attacked and being threatened in our country. And the whole country, at their side. “

Twitter account *42* wrote:

Imagine this was your mother, wife, daughter going to church, only to have this heinous and grotesque murder take place this is insane and needs to be stopped Erdogan believes he speaks for all of Islam when he declares a Jihad on France WILL YOU STAND UP!?



France under attack: Jihadist murders three worshippers – including two who were beheaded – INSIDE Nice church + Gunman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ is shot dead by cops in Avignon + French consulate worker is stabbed in Saudi Arabia

  • Two terror attacks have hit France, the first at the Notre Dame basilica in Nice and the second in Avignon 
  • Knifeman beheaded two people – an elderly female parishioner and a male church warden – at 9am in Nice, fatally stabbed a second woman and wounded others before being shot and arrested by police 
  • Two hours later man armed with a handgun and shouting Allahu Akbar was shot and killed by cops in Avignon
  • Meanwhile a guard at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was stabbed and wounded by a knifeman
  • Attacks come after Macron sparked fury by defending cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, and on the day that Sunni Muslims mark the Prophet’s birthday

France has been struck by two terror attacks within hours of each other as three people were killed – two of them beheaded – in an attack inside a church in Nice before a gunman was shot dead by police in Avignon.    

The first attack began around 9am at the Notre Dame basilica in Nice where a knifeman – believed to be a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant – beheaded an elderly female parishioner and a male church warden, fatally stabbed a second woman, wounded several others, and was then shot and arrested by police. 

Two hours later, a gunman threatened people on the streets of Avignon – 120 miles from Nice – while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ before he was fatally shot by police. 

A security guard was also stabbed and wounded outside the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, while two other men were arrested – one on suspicion he was about to carry out an attack, and the other for carrying a knife. 

The attacks come amid fury across the Islamic world at President Macron for defending satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, and on the day that Sunni Muslims mark the Prophet’s birthday.

It also comes less than two weeks after a schoolteacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded north of Paris for showing cartoons of the Prophet to his class in a lesson on free speech.

Macron travelled to Nice following the attack and gave a speech shortly after 3pm, when church bells sounded across France to honour the dead. Macron said it was ‘clearly France that is under attack… because of our values of freedom and our desire not to give in to terror’. 

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