Kissinger: It’s Time For Negotiated Peace In Ukraine To Avoid World War

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has again called for urgently finding a path of negotiated settlement to the war in Ukraine, warning that the entire world is in danger as nuclear-armed superpowers inch closer toward disastrous direct confrontation.

The celebrated diplomat penned an essay entitled “How to Avoid Another World War” for the new issue of The Spectator wherein he spelled out that the ambition of hawks in the West to break apart Russia is likely to unleash nuclear chaos. “The time is approaching to build on the strategic changes which have already been accomplished and to integrate them into a new structure towards achieving peace through negotiation,” Kissinger wrote.

“A peace process should link Ukraine to NATO, however expressed. The alternative of neutrality is no longer meaningful,” he emphasized. He warned that continued attempts to render Russia “impotent” could result in an uncontrollable and unpredictable spiral. He laid out that along with the sought after “dissolution” of Russia would come a massive power vacuum out of which new threats to the whole world would emerge as bigger powers rush in.

“The dissolution of Russia or destroying its ability for strategic policy could turn its territory encompassing 11 time zones into a contested vacuum,” Kissinger continued.

“Its competing societies might decide to settle their disputes by violence. Other countries might seek to expand their claims by force. All these dangers would be compounded by the presence of thousands of nuclear weapons which make Russia one of the world’s two largest nuclear powers.”

The 99-year old statesman who has long been seen as the quintessential national security state and military-industrial complex insider had last May angered other hawkish pundits and “insiders”, ironically enough, for daring to propose that Ukraine be willing to recognize Crimea as under Russia, and in return Russian forces would fall back to their lines before the Feb. 24 invasion. Previously he’s been on record as saying “It was not a wise American policy to attempt to include Ukraine into NATO.”


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