‘Killer Nurse’ Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Baby Boy

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A former nurse who allegedly murdered dozens of children plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison Thursday in San Antonio, Texas, for murdering a baby boy in 1981. Genene Jones, 69, appeared in court wearing a blue jail uniform and entered a plea deal to avoid a trial for the murder of Joshua Sawyer, according to WGN 9. “Ms. Jones, something has to be said for you taking the plea to life on this murder,” said District Judge Frank J. Castro, adding, “But it doesn’t come close to what you did to these families and the tragedies that you caused. You took God’s most precious gift — babies, defenseless, innocent.” “But I truly believe that your ultimate judgment is in the next life,” he concluded. At the time of the deaths, Jones, also known as the “killer nurse,” worked at Bexar County Hospital, which is now University Hospital, according to the San Antonio Express-News.


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