Kids Being ‘Groomed’ into Copycat Sex Swaps, Warns Whistleblower at School with 17 ‘Trans Pupils’


Vulnerable and autistic pupils are being ‘groomed’ into believing they are transgender, a whistleblower education veteran has said, revealing that 17 children at just one school are currently in the process of ‘transitioning’.

A whistleblower teacher with almost 20 years experience who spoke out on the condition of anonymity told British newspaper the Mail on Sunday that children who identify as transgender are ‘idolised’ at school, and a politically correct climate renders staff too afraid to challenge pupils’ sex change claims.

Under the pseudonym ‘Carol’, she told the newspaper that the vast majority of children ‘transitioning’ at her school are socially awkward girls, many with other mental health issues, who believe lesbians are uncool and who see their popularity soar when they start ‘identifying’ as boys or as ‘non-binary’.

“They have girls flocking around them like handmaidens because they look like pretty little boys,” she said.

“They mirror teenage fantasies, resembling popstars like Justin Bieber. These trans kids actually become quite powerful in the school,” added Carol, explaining that one of the ways in which pupils would exercise their newfound power is by policing the language of teachers and fellow students, claiming offence at the supposed misuse of pronouns or at insufficiently ‘inclusive’ phrasing.

‘I was discussing the topic of menstruation during a class recently and was called out by one of the pupils who now identifies as a boy for failing to say that boys can have periods too,” she said.

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