Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Defense: My Dad Was a Neo-Nazi

Kevin Spacey testified in his own defense on Monday, often crying on the stand as he vehemently disputed allegations he sexually assaulted actor Anthony Rapp four decades ago—while offering up a series of shocking claims about his past.

For starters, the House of Cards actor promptly told the jury that his father was a neo-Nazi.

“My father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi,” Spacey said in Manhattan federal court, adding that he would listen to “hours and hours” of his beliefs.

“I have never talked about these things publicly. Ever,” he continued.

The claim came as Spacey was defending himself against Rapp’s $40 million civil lawsuit in New York—just one of a slew of claims of sexual violence against Spacey dating back decades.

Within hours, Spacey had tearfully apologized for coming out as gay in a statement addressing the sexual assault allegation against him when it first went public five years ago. In the statement, he had indicated he did not remember the alleged encounter with Rapp and offered an apology “for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”

On the stand, Spacey claimed the statement was motivated in part by a desire to push back on conspiracy theories that he had been on Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedo island”—and that he had been involved in the bogus right-wing obsession known as Pizzagate. The actor claimed that while he met Epstein on a 2016 humanitarian trip to South Africa, he was not involved in the notorious pedophile’s nefarious activity.


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