Kentucky Sheriff Suspends Law Enforcement: ‘Lock Your Doors, Load Your Guns’


A Kentucky sheriff has suspended law enforcement over a lack of funding, advising residents to “lock your doors, load your guns.”

Without a $75,000 payment from the fiscal court that he said should have been delivered in January, Martin County Sheriff John Kirk announced he was temporarily suspending law enforcement activities, reported the Lexington Herald.

The suspension leaves law enforcement in the hands of Kentucky State police, with one patrol often covering several counties.

“I will have to move my only other deputy to day shift and that will leave no protection on nights … Law enforcement as we have known for the last four years will not exist.” Kirk wrote on Feb. 3. “I’m sure the thieves and drug dealers will have a ball.”

“Myself and my only paid deputy will have to help with court, serve papers, and do court ordered transports. The state police will have to answer all complaints.”

The funding gap faced by Martin County Sheriff is being felt across eastern Kentucky, where income from coal severance taxes that bolstered the coffers of local government services has declined dramatically in recent years.

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