Keep your DOG socially distanced 6ft from other pets and owners – FDA warns (FDA?)

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The Sun:

That does it! Now we know for sure they are trying to destroy everything meaningful in human life AND to give ordinary citizens more to fight about.

Experts say dogs can catch Covid-19 from humans, although it is not clear if they can then infect other pets and people.

The FDA said the usual 6ft social distancing rule for people should also apply to pets, and that dogs should be kept on a short lead.

The agency says in a public information video: “Though it doesn’t seem like animals can give you the virus, it appears you can give it to them.

“So if you’re sick, avoid direct contact with your pets. If possible, have someone else care for them until you’re well again.”

The FDA advises limiting contact with your pet if you are sick with coronavirus, and washing your hands regularly if you can’t.

It adds: “Consider avoiding dog parks and other crowded public places.”

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