Karine Jean-Pierre is a terrible White House press secretary  

NY Post

For beleaguered White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, things are going sideways in a manner that’s reached comic proportions. While her boss President Biden runs around giving operatic and menacing speeches in front of blood-red backdrops, Jean-Pierre is left at the White House podium. Holding the bag. And so far, it isn’t going well. Take her Tuesday press briefing, for example. Most of the reporters were teeing up rhetorical golf balls for her, but Jean-Pierre somehow managed to appear incompetent and hopeless, not once, not twice, but three times. The first of the perplexing questions KJP flubbed concerned Sen. Ted Cruz’s invitation to visit the southern border and see the crisis there. You’d think that would be a reasonable suggestion given that only a tiny fraction of the migrants in Texas have supposedly crippled New York City, Washington, DC, and now Chicago in their modest busloads. But no, a self-righteous Jean-Pierre declared, “I certainly don’t need lectures or invitations from Republicans about the border or border policies.” This only after saying she had been to the border back in 2018 when the Trump administration was “tearing babies out of their mothers’ arms.” Dramatic. She had no answer. She proffered no plan. Instead, she offered a farcical Dickens tale, and the deadly border crisis continues apace.

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