Kanye West faces two class-action lawsuits and $30 million in damages for ‘mistreating and failing to pay up to 1,000 workers at his extravagant Sunday Service shows’

Daily Mail:

  • Kanye West, 43, could be facing a $30million lawsuit over his Sunday Service shows
  • Class-action lawsuits claim he violated strict California labor laws for allegedly failing to pay hundreds of performers and backstage staff on time or ‘at all’
  • The documents were filed last summer at The Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles    
  • One lawsuit, filed by LA employment lawyer Frank Kim in August, concentrates on the performers, which totals over 500 people 
  • The other, filed by entertainment attorneys Harris & Ruble, centres on behind-the scenes staff of around 300 people 
  • Hairstylist Raina Leon, who worked on a show in November 2019, claimed she wasn’t paid for 120-days and was then charged $20 to cash her $550 pay check 
  • Performer Michael Pearson said in legal documents that he was paid $500 ‘regardless’ of how many hours he worked and had no meal or rest breaks
  • He also claimed that performers sat on the floor because there were not enough chairs that a return shuttle was not provided so they had to walk home
  • West has been taking his extravagant Sunday Service shows across the US since January 2019 

Kanye West is facing two class-action lawsuits and could be hit with $30 million in damages over claims he mistreated and failed to pay up to 1,000 performers and backstage staff at his popular Sunday Service shows.   

The lawsuits relate to around 500 performers and 300 backstage staff who worked at the 43-year-old rapper’s extravagant, part Christian worship and part live performance shows that he has been taking across the US since 2019. 

Lawyers for the workers claim that during West’s first ‘opera’, the ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ at The Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles, in November 2019, he violated strict employment laws in California for hundreds of performers and backstage crew including hair stylists, make-up artists and costume designers, as well as actors hired to sit in the audience.

Allegations include not paying hundreds of employees on time, or ‘at all’ in some cases, as well as not granting the overtime wages, meal and rest breaks and business expenses to which they were legally entitled as employees in the state, rather than individual contractors. 

It is estimated West could face up to $30 million in damages if he contests the lawsuits, a source told The Sun.  

In August last year, West was also sued by MyChannel Inc. who claimed that West stole some of its technology for his Sunday Service show after its employees worked on it, unpaid, for six-months. 

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