Kamala Harris vows to deliver race-based Hurricane aid, sparking panic in Florida  

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Should federal hurricane recovery aid be handed out based on need or based the race of the recipient? According to Kamala Harris, the answer is ‘race,’ and here’s the proof:

According to the Daily Caller: Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday that aid distributed in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Ian should be “based on equity.” “It is our lowest-income communities and communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues not of their own making—” Harris said before being interrupted by Priyanka Chopra Jonas at a Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum.

Hell of a time to make that kind of a statement, Kams. According to Christine Pushaw, rapid response director for Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign, the vow to mete out aid based on a hurricane victim’s race rather than actual need is sparking “panic” in Florida and quite likely the rest of the southeast which has been affected by it.

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