Kamala Harris Celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day Instead of Columbus Day  


First Lady Kamala Harris on Monday marked the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day on social media, but she ignored Columbus Day. “On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we pay respect to Tribal Nations and indigenous history,” Harris wrote on social media. “Today and every day, let us continue to celebrate and uplift the rich contributions of Indigenous peoples — their leadership has made our country stronger.” At the time of publication, the vice president did not post anything on social media about Columbus Day, as most leftists typically condemn the holiday as racist

President Joe Biden attempted to sidestep the controversy, proclaiming October 10, 2022, as both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. “For centuries, Indigenous Peoples were forcibly removed from ancestral lands, displaced, assimilated, and banned from worshiping or performing many sacred ceremonies,” Biden lamented in his statement proclaiming Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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