Kamala Harris: Americans Must be ‘Welcoming,’ ‘Tolerant’ to Caravan


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — who is eyeing a 2020 presidential bid against President Trump — says the United States should be “welcoming” migrant caravans that arrive at the nation’s southern border.

While campaigning for Democrats in Iowa, Harris told a CNN reporter that the U.S. response to the 7,000-strong migrant caravan of job-seekers and previously deported illegal aliens should be “welcoming” and “tolerant.”

“We are a country that … our strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming, in particular, those who have fled harm,” Harris said of the caravan. “And the idea that we’re vilifying any one group and the fear-mongering, that’s not in the best interest of our country.”

“What our country wants and what the people of our country want is they want leaders who are focused on the challenges that they face every day,” Harris continued. “Like can they put food on the table and pay the bills by the end of the month … not vilifying one group for the sake of fear-mongering and politics.”

Though the establishment media has portrayed members of the migrant caravan as asylum-seekers, the migrants have repeatedly confirmed to the press that they are mostly economic migrants and previously deported illegal aliens who want to resume their old jobs in the U.S.

Open borders activist and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos even described the members of the caravan as “refugees.” Looking for a job and fleeing gang violence or crime are ineligible claims for asylum, despite the establishment media’s encouraging migrants that they are eligible.

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