Judd Gregg: Trump sails into the perfect political storm

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He does not seem to know it yet, but the ship of state under the command of the ever-confident and excessive President Trump is headed into a political storm of dramatic proportions.The coronavirus is here, in America.There really is not a great deal that can be done now.

Once Italy became a contagion center for Europe, it was inevitable that the virus would have numerous carriers who would end up scattered across Europe and the United States.Italy’s government has essentially no capability to manage and limit the outbreak.Italy’s economy and its travel are totally integrated with the rest of Europe. Since the country is such a popular destination for American tourists, students and businesspeople, the contagion has few limits on its spread across the developed world.

Numerous high schools across New England have already had to shutter away students who have recently returned from school trips to Italy.

Now the question for the Trump administration is: Have they done enough to prepare America for this outbreak and the mass concern it will engender?Most Americans will feel that the answer is no.This is human nature. Someone needs to be blamed.

The buck does stop with the president on this one.The president and his people also have an abysmal track record when it comes to preparing for pandemics.