Journalist who went missing in Wuhan 2 months ago resurfaces with chilling story


Li Zehua claims he was detained by police and forcibly quarantined after travelling to Wuhan to report on the coronavirus pandemic

A Chinese journalist who went missing for nearly two months after posting videos from Wuhan during the coronavirus outbreak has resurfaced.

Li Zehua claims he was detained by police and forcibly quarantined.

He worked for state-broadcaster CCTV and travelled to Wuhan to report on the coronavirus crisis.

On February 17, he posted a video claiming that a neighbourhood committee had tried to cover up information about infections in the community.

Later in the month, he claimed that state security agents were pursuing him – before the footage ended abruptly with two individuals entering the apartment.

In a video posted on YouTube, Chinese blogging site Weibo, and Twitter, Li said he was taken to a local police station.

He was told he was being investigated on charges of disrupting public order, The Guardian reports.

Police later said hey would not charge Li but said he would need to be quarantined.

Li spent the next month in quarantine in Wuhan and then in his hometown in a different province.

He was served three meals a day, monitored by security guards, and shown the state broadcaster CCTV’s evening news broadcast.


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