John Fetterman sparks fresh health concerns after stumbling and incoherent comments to Congress

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Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman – whose run for office was put on hold by a stroke – ignited new health concerns when questioning a Silicon Valley Bank executive on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

Fetterman – who only recently returned to Congress after being hospitalized with depression – was attempting to grill the bank’s CEO Greg Becker

As he attempted to criticize SVB over the impact its downfall could have on the US economy, he repeatedly stuttered and struggled to explain that not only was the bank dangerous, but was being bailed out by taxpayer funds.

Representatives for Fetterman told Newsweek the senator ‘continues to have auditory processing issues due to the effects of his stroke’ but is capable of doing his job.

The Democrat’s spokesman, Joe Calvello, lashed out in response, saying: ‘If sickos on the internet want to keep making fun of John for recovering from a health challenge, that’s between them and their consciences.’

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that ailing California Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, has no recollection of the two-and-a-half months she spent off work with shingles.