John Fetterman blames DR OZ for his depression and the ‘brutal’ 2022 campaign as he brushes-off questions about his health and insists ‘hell yes’ he’s fit to work

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John Fetterman blamed his decrease in mental health on the ‘vicious’ 2022 campaign against Dr. Mehmet Oz and assured he is fit to serve as he recovers from an in-patient hospital stay for depression.

The Pennsylvania senator told KDKA-TV in a Tuesday interview that he is feeling ‘fantastic’ as questions continue to pepper Fetterman on his health.

Fetterman was elected shortly after suffering a stroke in 2021, which he insisted did not affect his ability to be a senator while it did affect his audio comprehension. He admitted during an interview that he had to use real-time transcription programs to make sure he fully understood the questions being asked of him.

Just one month after being sworn into office, Fetterman voluntarily admitted himself to Walter Reed Medical Center to be treated for depression.

‘I feel fantastic, honestly,’ Fetterman said after his first week back in Washington, D.C. ‘A lot of people have asked, ‘Hey, how are you feeling? How’s your depression?’ Again, it’s in remission, and I am just so grateful to be feeling great.’