John Bolton Defends Gen. Mark Milley: ‘His Patriotism Is Unquestioned’

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton expressed support for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley following a bombshell report alleging that Milley secretly told a Chinese official that he would provide advance notice of a possible attack to the communist regime.

“Mark Milley is a staunch supporter of the Constitution and the rule of law. His patriotism is unquestioned. In the days after Donald Trump’s November 3, 2020, election defeat, I can only imagine the pressures he and others were under in fulfilling their Constitutional obligations,” Bolton said in a Wednesday statement. “I have no doubt General Milley consulted widely with his colleagues on the National Security Council and others during this period. I would be very surprised if many of them were not fully away of General Milley’s actions, and they fully concurred in them.”

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