Joe Biden’s divide & clunker approach

The speech President Biden gave on Thursday was one he reportedly wanted to give for weeks, but White House staff resisted. Aides didn’t think it was the right speech or the right time, which in plain English means they didn’t like it. 

For once, give them credit. Now that we see what garbage the Big Guy had on his mind, they were right to resist. 

Unfortunately, he pulled rank and they had to let Biden be Biden. The result was bad for Democrats and terrible for the nation. 

To call it a hateful speech doesn’t do justice to its awfulness. The promise of an address on the soul of our nation and the setting of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall suggested it would be an appeal to our better angels. 

Instead, with lurid red lighting and two Marines standing at attention to serve as props, Biden delivered a 24-minute screed that was disjointed, rancidly partisan and, at heart, a declaration of war against those Americans who do not support him. 

It’s worth noting that even those who ostensibly support him aren’t embracing his solution. Few if any Democrats running in swing districts or states have endorsed the president’s war on Republicans. 

In tone and substance, the speech was the polar opposite of Biden’s inaugural address just 20 months ago. Then he pledged to bring the country together, using “unity” or similar words 15 times, as in this sequence: “My whole soul is in this: bringing America together, uniting our people, and uniting our nation.” 


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