Joe Biden’s Antisemitism Roundtable Was a ‘Sham’

Dan Pollak, the Zionist Organization of America’s Director of Government Relations, spoke with Breitbart News about how President Joe Biden’s roundtable to address antisemitism is a “sham” because his administration is rampant with antisemitic officials.

Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle began the interview by asking Pollak to speak about how President Joe Biden’s efforts to curb antisemitism have fallen short.

Pollak pointed to Biden’s nomination for Brazilian ambassador, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, as an example of the president’s failure to address antisemitism.

“Unbelievably, in 1998, she was talking about stupid pro-Israel Democrats, she was criticizing other Democrats. And she said, ‘because there’s a Jewish factor.’ She wasn’t even smart enough to hide her anti semitism as anti-Israelism,” Pollak said. “She said there’s always the influence of the Jewish lobby, because there is money involved. So this is the classic antisemitic trope, overtly saying that Jews are controlling things because of their money.”

Pollak then pointed out the hypocrisy and said that if a conservative had said these hateful things, they would not be elevated in the same way Biden is elevating her.

“It’s difficult to think of any conservative that would have a similar, horrible, racist thing to say that any would forgive 20 years later, 30 years later, anytime in the past. That’s the number one example,” Pollak continued.

He also faulted Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for setting the stage to bring Bagley’s confirmation vote before the full Senate to become the U.S. ambassador to Brazil.

Boyle pointed out that during Bagley’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she admitted to engaging in antisemitism, but all 11 Democrats still voted to advance her nomination.


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