Joe Biden’s 2023 Border Budget: More Money for Migrants

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President Joe Biden’s budget asks for more money to help deliver more legal, quasi-legal, and illegal migrants into the jobs and homes needed by Americans. Biden’s budget asks for money to hire 500 extra border guards who catch migrants — and money to hire 460 more people to release the migrants so they can travel to jobs and housing. The Democrats’ budget asks for a $4.7 billion “contingency fund” to operate the existing network of non-profit groups, shelters, training courses, travel routes, and healthcare checks which get low-wage migrants into the jobs that would otherwise go to better-paid Americans. The budget requests extra money to convert illegal migrants into legal residents — but asks for less money to comply with the legal requirement of detaining illegal migrants before they reach U.S. jobs. Biden’s budget also asks for $4 billion for the Department of State so it can keep funding the foreign groups that help migrants travel from around the world into Latin America and then up to the border. The budget also asks Congress for funds to bring in another 125,000 migrants for Americans’ jobs and homes, although the extra migrants will expand inflation and further reduce wages. The budget only asks for $535 million to buy machines that can detect some of the drugs carried within the 18-wheelers that deliver Mexican-built products into the United States, even though fentanyl imports kill roughly 70,000 Americans each year.

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