Joe Biden on Earth Day: ‘Windmills Are Pretty’


President Joe Biden on Friday berated Americans who complained about ugly windmills ruining the landscape.

“By the way I made it clear to my friends up in Nantucket and that area,” Biden said, lowering his voice to a whisper. “I don’t want to hear anymore about you don’t like looking at them. They’re pretty.”

The president spoke about windmills during a speech to mark Earth Day in a Seattle park.

For decades, Nantucket residents have voiced their opposition to offshore wind farms near Martha’s Vineyard, filing a lawsuit in 2021 to stop a proposed wind farm project.

Biden alluded to his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who repeatedly voiced his loathing for windmills.

“And by the way, windmills don’t cause cancer,” Biden said wryly, referring to a previous comment from Trump.

Biden boasted that new windmills have blades that are 102 yards long and can be built offshore.

During his speech, Biden talked about a number of green energy policies, including having the government pay farmers to grow crops that could absorb carbon, and fueling planes with biofuels.

He also proposed government action to protect forests in the Amazon.


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