Joe Biden Is Done — Get Ready for President Harris After Election Day

You may have noticed that Democrats only sent President Joe Biden to deep blue states leading up to Election Day. Despite these relatively safe assignments, he still managed to tell Americans he planned to shut down all coal plants and stop all drilling for oil. In between ranting about “Ultra MAGA” Republicans and threats to “our democracy,” Doddering Joe sounded like he had marbles in his mouth, told HBCU students their school was just as good as any other college, and wrestled with his biggest enemy, the teleprompter.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ stenographers in the legacy media have been issuing brutal fact-checks on Biden’s closing message. The talking points the president is using are in line with other Democrats on the campaign trail, but the media is tearing them down. CNN’s Daniel Dale hit first with a nine-item fact check that stopped just short of calling Biden a liar.

On Monday, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler gave Biden a “Bottomless Pinocchio” for his claim that he traveled 17,000 miles with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Kessler gives this rating to a claim that earns three or four Pinocchio’s the first time it is said and then gets repeated at least 20 times. The travel claim was not the only one Kessler took on. He noted:

President Biden is a self-described “gaffe machine.” That’s no excuse, of course, for a president making false or misleading statements. Readers have asked for fact checks of a variety of recent Biden statements, but none of them seemed big enough for a stand-alone fact check. So here’s a roundup of some of the president’s recent errors of fact, made as he has barnstormed the country boosting Democrats and raising contributions in advance of the midterm elections. We generally do not award Pinocchios for roundups like this — but for reasons that will become clear, we need to make an exception for the first one.

Kessler covered Biden’s misleading claims on Social Security, just as Dale did. He added Biden’s claim that a law to forgive student loans passed Congress “by a vote or two.” The president actually issued an executive order to accomplish this. Biden is also fond of saying that gas was over $5 a gallon when he took office. Kessler notes the average price was about $2.48 the week the president was inaugurated, and the most common price was probably lower because high-tax states like California bumped up the average.


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