Joe Biden: Historic Black Universities Are ‘Just as Smart’ as Other Colleges

President Joe Biden concluded his political rallies for the midterms at a historically black university in Maryland, telling students they were “just as smart” as other colleges in the United States.

Biden defended the “historic” $5.8 billion in funding he budgeted for HBCUs as president.

“HBCUs don’t have the endowments others have, but guess what, you’re just as smart, you’re just as bright, you’re just as good as any college in America,” Biden said.

“That money is to build laboratories and other things for the future that you need to have access to,” he added.

Biden’s comment recalls a number of racially insensitive comments he has made about black people.

“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” he said in 2019 during a speech in Iowa on the campaign trails.

The president spoke at a campaign rally at the Bowie State University, a historically black university in Maryland with Democrat candidate for Governor Wes Moore.

“Let me tell you, one of the great way to honor HBCUs is to vote,” Biden said.

Biden repeated that he “got his start” at Delaware State University, also a historically black university where he was a senator.


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