Joe Biden and the Democrats’ lies about cops spawned sickening shooting: Devine

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New York Post:

The targeted attack on two LA cops last weekend is the inevitable result of the despicable lie Joe Biden and his party have been pushing all summer for political advantage — that police are “systemically” racist murderers of black people.

That lie has driven violent anti-cop BLM-Antifa riots in Democratic cities from New York to ­Seattle.

Police are demoralized, and resigning in droves, leaving the poorest, most crime-ridden communities less safe.

Violent criminals are emboldened. Crime rates are surging.

As of Friday, 37 law enforcement officers have been “feloniously killed” — a k a murdered — this year, according to the FBI. That’s 25 percent more than the same period last year.

In New York, police response times are delayed.

Who is surprised?

As the riots raged, Democratic mayors and councils voted to abolish, “reimagine” or defund their city’s police departments. A billion dollars was stripped from the NYPD.

American voters don’t want this. That is the case, especially, for black Americans, 81 percent of whom wanted police presence in their community to stay the same or increase, according to a July ­Gallup poll.

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