Joe Biden and China on a collusion course?: Goodwin

Michael Goodwin – NY Post

While reading a New York Times story about the Justice Department plan to drop serious charges against a Chinese tech executive, I looked for the Hunter Biden angle. It wasn’t a long search. After noting the 2018 arrest in Canada of Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, at the request of the Trump administration, the Times called the case a “symbol of the tumultuous relationship” between America and China. Then came this: “The deal to release Ms. Meng could signal a more conciliatory approach in Washington’s stance toward Beijing under the Biden administration.” It might be a conciliatory move, but it might also reflect a corrupted president. That’s where Hunter Biden comes in, and he doesn’t come alone. He brings with him lots of baggage and the whole Biden family, including President Joe, a k a “the big guy.” That was the name of a secret partner slated to get 10 percent of a deal with a Chinese conglomerate put together by Hunter and Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, and several others. One of the others, Tony Bobulinski, the CEO of the venture, has identified Joe Biden as “the big guy.” Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about the project in 2017, months after Biden’s second term as vice president ended. Although the venture later collapsed, the Biden family still got $11 million from the Chinese executive involved, according to a Senate investigation last year. Bobulinski has said publicly, and told the FBI, that the money was for work done by the Biden family in 2015 and 2016 — when Joe was vice president. Did Joe get 10 percent of the $11 million? Did he ever get any money from Hunter’s decades-long business of selling access to his father? These are legitimate questions. Consider that the evidence Joe was a secret partner of his son’s and brother’s scams all along is far more compelling than any evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Yet Trump was tortured by the accusation for nearly three years, and even the failure of special counsel Robert Mueller to find sufficient evidence didn’t satisfy the left.

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