Joe Biden Admits Defeat on Title 42 (for Now): ‘What the Court Says, We’re Going to Do’  

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President Joe Biden admitted defeat Thursday in his effort to lift Title 42 border protections, citing a judicial decision. “We had proposed to eliminate that policy by the end of May,” Biden said, referring to his administration’s scheduled decision to lift it on May 23. But a federal judge in Louisiana announced on Monday that he would issue a temporary restraining order, after Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona filed a lawsuit challenging the decision, which prevents Biden from lifting Title 42 for about four weeks, during which time the judge could convert it into a preliminary injunction that would last through the inevitable appeals. Biden said he would follow the court ruling, even though it is likely his administration will file an appeal to the decision. “The court has said we can’t so far, and what the court says, we’re going to do,” he said. “And that’s it.”

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