Jim Jordan: Trump Deserves Credit for Efforts to Help Black Americans

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Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump’s executive order on police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s recent death while in Minneapolis police custody.

Although Democrat leaders refuse to give the president any credit for the reform, Jordan said on “Fox News @ Night” that Trump deserves credit for his efforts to make things better for not only black Americans but all Americans.

“This president does deserve credit,” Jordan argued. “The first … real prison reform we’ve done, helping Historically Black Colleges, helping with school choice, opportunity zones and on and on you could go.

“And now today this executive order, which has the database information that we think is important which has mental health help for police officers who are dealing with situations on the street namely the homeless population, this best practices training requirements — I mean, this is the kind of stuff that makes good, practical common sense, and this president is delivering contrary to where the Obama, Biden administration was just a few years ago. “

“Mr. Clyburn and Mr. Schumer are both wrong. This president deserves credit for the hard work and things he’s got accomplished that help all Americans but certainly African-Americans, as well.”

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