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CUNY professors’ union rebukes Israel in pro-Palestinian resolution

NY Post

The union representing CUNY professors has passed a one-sided resolution rebuking Israel for recent attacks on Palestinians — adding that it may support the movement to boycott and divest from the Jewish state. The Professional Staff Congress’ resolution conspicuously omits any mention of Hamas launching rockets into residential areas of Israel during last month’s confrontations between the warring sides. Instead, the resolution says, “PSC-CUNY condemns the massacre of Palestinians by the Israeli state’’ — while decrying Israel’s “expansionism and violent incursions into occupied territories.” PSC-CUNY “cannot be silent about the continued subjection of Palestinians to the state-supported displacement, occupation, and use of lethal force by Israel,’’ the missive says. It adds that the Palestinian struggle for “self determination” is akin to the struggles of “indigenous people and people of color in the United States” and blacks in apartheid South Africa. The statement drew outrage within and outside the City University of New York. Jeff Wiesenfeld, who served as a CUNY governing-board trustee from 1999 to 2013, told The Post, “I resolve to condemn the racist, anti-Semitic and academically useless PSC of CUNY, which serves only to poison the minds of future leaders inside and outside the classroom and thus further degrade a CUNY degree to its former state of complete devaluation.”

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