JetBlue flight crashes into empty parked plane at JFK while leaving terminal

In another close call at JFK, a JetBlue flight bound for Puerto Rico bumped into an empty plane on the tarmac at the New York airport around 7am Wednesday morning.

The incident comes just days after hundreds of lives were nearly lost at the airport when a Delta Boeing 737 and an American Airlines Boeing 777 narrowly avoided colliding during the Delta plane’s takeoff. 

That incident remains under investigation by numerous federal agencies. 

According to a passenger on board the JetBlue flight during Wednesday’s incident, the plane was being pushed from the gate by a pushback truck and preparing to taxi before takeoff.

During the pushback, the AirBus A320 hit another parked JetBlue AirBus A320. 

Following the incident, the plane returned to the gate and passengers were forced to disembark. There were no reported injuries. Both aircraft were put out of service, the airline said. 


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