Jerusalem Residents Awaken Mystified by Simultaneous Midnight Shofar Blasts

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Jerusalem Post:

Residents throughout Jerusalem were awakened at midnight on Monday morning by the sound of shofar blasts permeating Israel’s capital. The event appears to be a spiritual wake up call asking God to heal the world of coronavirus.

As one resident in that Bayit Vegan neighborhood took it as a spiritual awakening saying:

“I just have to write out my thoughts and feelings after experiencing the sounds of that shofar in the valley. Sorry, I need to get it out, I’m buzzing. put everything in your heads aside, look at what our world has come to. Look at it. Its horrendous beyond words, it’s awful, it’s so very painful and surreal. We’re living a reality that’s new and transformative. It feels odd, we’re all feeling it. Everything has changed.

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