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Berkeley California Climate Institute:

Breakthroughs, a publication of UC Berkeley’s Rausser College of Natural Resources, Professor Dan Kammen, a former U.S. State Department science envoy who serves on the academic advisory committee for California-China Climate Institute, recently sat down with Governor Jerry Brown to discuss goals for the institute, how research can affect policy more quickly, and reasons for optimism on climate change.

“China, US share similar goals in tackling climate change”

China and the United States share a set of similar goals when it comes to climate change, which could help advance collaboration and inspire others around the world to work together toward curbing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a recent report and climate experts.

“Climate is important in itself, and it’s also important because it’s going to show us how to develop habits and how to work those habits of cooperation, of dialogues, of working together for the total humanity,” said former California Governor Jerry Brown during a webinar in April hosted by the California-China Climate Institute at the UC Berkeley School of Law.

The institute, chaired by Brown, released a report in April that detailed shared pathways for the world’s two largest economies to achieve carbon neutrality.

EDITOR – Except, China is building coal plants faster than they spread the Wuhan virus, so why would they be interested in “carbon neutrality”?

Collectively, China and the US make up more than 40 percent of global fossil fuel-related carbon emissions, which contributes to global warming and climate change.

“I can tell you from speaking from my ranch in Northern California, where it’s drier than ever before. It’s May, but it feels like August. … We got a problem as the people of the whole planet,” Brown said.

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